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Seven Dumpsters and a Corpse

Thomas Haemmerli is about to celebrate his fortieth birthday when he learns of his mother’s death. A further shock follows when he and his brother Erik discover her apartment, which is filthy and full to bursting with junk. It takes the brothers an entire month to clean out the place. Among the chaos, they find films going back to the 1930s, photos and other memorabilia. Gradually they piece together a strange and unique family saga, in which baronesses and counts, Latin Lovers and Nazi officers play a role, and even the young Kofi Annan makes an appearance. A fast-paced and surprisingly funny story about an unusual legacy.

Frenetic Films


  • Thomas Haemmerli, Journalist
  • Erik Haemmerli, brother, restaurant owner (www.bederhof.ch)
  • Bruna Haemmerli, mother, née Brünhilde Hortense Carola Gertraude Meurer von Infeld
  • Jörg Haemmerli, Brünhilde’s ex-husband and father of Thomas und Erik
  • Isolde Meurer von Infeld, Brünhilde’s mother
  • The flat owner
  • Rentokil manager und technician (www.rentokil-initial.ch)
  • Mark Divo, Dada artist, squater
  • Ajana Calugar and Ariel Burt, artists
  • Flavio Arias Diaz, Kubanischer Helfer
  • Dieter Lindenau, DJ


  • Directed by: Thomas Haemmerli
  • Produced by: Mirjam von Arx, ican films
  • Editing: Daniel Cherbuin
  • Camera: Thomas Haemmerli, Ariane Kessissoglou, Erik Haemmerli
  • Original Score: Adrian Frutiger, Alexander T. Fähndrich
  • Sound Design / Sound Mix: Christian Beusch, Magnetix AG Zürich
  • Post Production Services: Treibhaus Post Production AG
  • Online/VFX: Michael Scialpi
  • Colorist: Roger »Somm« Sommer
  • Post Production Supervisor: Rocco Schult
  • Film Transfer Services: Swiss Effects
  • Film Print Supervisor: Ruedi Schick
  • Transfer: David Pfluger
  • Film Lab: Schwarz Film
  • Motion Graphics: Shamol Majumder
  • Title Design: Chris Eggli, swissandfamous
  • Voice Recording: rohrbach.tv
  • Speech and Voice Coaching: Elke Schwarzstein
  • Speech and Voice Coaching English: Clifford Lilley
  • Translation Services: Marcy Goldberg
  • Advertising: Thomas Campolongo
  • Mixing Trailer: Roger Müller Dupont, Betonierwerk
  • Production Assistants: Andreas Arnheiter, Diana Frei
  • Additional Footage: Bruna Haemmerli, Isolde Meurer von Infeld, Stini Arn
  • 8mm Telecine: AVP München, Localfilm Stettlen
  • Scans: Alena Boika, www.divus.cz, Lenka Dulikova, Renata Votanova
  • Catering Prag: Daniel Cherbuin
  • Tantra Shiatsu: Ali Mürüglügg

An ican films gmbh production

Muldenorchester: Lululied

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